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​Communities First Support Service

The Communities First Support Service provides a programme of learning, bespoke advice, support and the facilitation of peer-to-peer learning.for the Communities First programme. It is managed and delivered by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) under contract to the Welsh Government.

Click here for the official Welsh Government Communities First page.

The Support Service is co-ordinated by Russell Todd, and can be contacted through Welsh or English via WCVA's Communities First helpline on 0800 587 8898 or by emailing

For further information click here, including  timetable of current training and a transcript of the fringe event that the Support Service facilitated on the eve of the annual Communities First Conference in Novemebr 2014 

Communities First is a community focused programme that supports the Welsh Government's Tackling Poverty agenda. The programme builds on the achievements of Communities First since its launch in 2001.

It supports the most disadvantaged people in our most deprived areas with the aim of contributing to alleviating persistent poverty.

Communities First Delivery Teams funded by the Welsh Government work with residents, community organisations, business and other key agencies in these areas, called Clusters, and will focus on actions leading to the long term sustainability and wellbeing of communities. Involving local people in all aspects of this work is an essential feature of the programme.

Communities First aims to contribute, alongside other programmes such as Flying Start and Families First, to narrowing the education/skills, economic and health gaps between our most deprived and more affluent areas.

The Programme has three strategic objectives helping to achieve these outcomes:

  • Prosperous Communities 
  • Learning Communities
  • Healthier Communities

A vital element of the Communities First programme is Community Involvement. Local people must be involved in the design, delivery and monitoring of projects; decision-making; and be champions for the programme locally. Case studies illustrating work under the strategic themes and community involvement can be found here.

Details of the Clusters First Clusters July 2013.xls



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